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French Classes

NEW way of learning arrives in Indore today with the launch of the French Class website, a free online video-based teaching system that has been such a success in the US that schools are using it as teaching aid.

The French version offers 250 10-minute maths lessons and this will be expanded to include 800 lessons by the end of the year. Each has some graphics with a voice-over giving information on the lesson.

By January 2014 the complete online bank of exercises and answers will be translated into French and put online, again for free.

Former hedge fund analyst came up with the system in 2004 while tutoring his niece in maths. He was in Boston and she was in New Orleans so he made up YouTube videos to help her with the short lessons.

She said she preferred the videos to live lessons because she could pause and rewind the video on sections that were difficult.

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